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April 28, 2012

Let it go

My life , Is it love? It's not true but I don't know...
It's my life.
She's gone.
I'm lost. And alone...

I love you 目を伏せて 独りじゃないって言い聞かせる
こんな毎日の中で キミがいない未来なんて
I'm thinking but I can't see... 明日さえも

My life , Somebody come and leave.
Where are you now?
It's my life.
I have to go.
Or stay?
But alone...

風に揺れるポストカード キミが選んだモノクロの
もう一度Love letterを書こう
こんな毎日の中で キミがいない理由探して
I'm thinking about that past time... ボクは変わるよ

 届け キミへ
 春の風よ 運んでおくれ
 生きているから ずっと待っているから

My life , and my love is you.
I know...
It's my life.
Let it go.
Tomorrow will come...

My life , and my love is you.
Do you know?

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